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Channel 10 rochester ny

Rochester NY TV Channel 10 (Chanel 10) is an NBC affiliate that also features local newscasts and more. The station is also affiliated with Hubbard Broadcasting, Inc. Channel 10 Rochester has the call letters WHEC, and it also shows a number of other shows aside from its regular news programming. There are five daily newscasts on Channel 10 (Chanel 10) Rochester NY, which include local and national news, sports, and more. Weather and traffic are updated in real time on the WHEC website as well. Rochester ny channel 10 (Chanel 10) maintains a number of social media sites, including Twitter and Facebook. Each anchor maintains an account so that they can foster relationships within the community.

Rochester Channel 10 offers a number of community projects, including ESL Jefferson Awards and Do the Right Thing Awards. The former is an award for “unsung heroes and outstanding community volunteers”, and the latter is an award for children and teens who are witnessed performing an act of kindness or coming forward with honesty and responsibility in their everyday life. The station also features a “scholar athlete” on a regular basis from an area school. Any of these awards can be nominated online with the forms on Channel 10′s websites. Rochester’s Channel 10 is also committed to giving publicity to local institutions that are historically important or have reached a milestone in the Greater Rochester Area. For example, they have covered the 100th anniversary of the Memorial Art Gallery and the town of Canandaigua.

A lesser known coverage area of WHEC and News 10 NBC is their partnership with the radio station WYSL. This is simply allowing their news to be broadcast over the radio, both on AM and FM frequencies, 92.1 and 1040, respectively.

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