Niche Retirement Communities The Next Big Thing

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Independent living centers

Few Americans equate living in a senior home — or even living in a senior housing community — with fun. Independent senior living solutions all across the U.S., particularly niche retirement communities, are doing their best to change that. Niche retirement housing bring together seniors with similar passions, backgrounds, or areas of experience. “These communities, which attract aging intellectuals and self-improvers, have grown from almost none 15 years ago to around 50,” The Wall Street Journal explains. What are some of the most notable and wacky senior housing communities?

Live For The Arts

Some independent living centers cater to seniors who are moved by the arts. “Artists can hone their craft, whether they enjoy painting, writing, singing, dancing, or more,” U.S. News reports. These communities also feature art studios and encourage live performances and poetry readings.

Mail Carriers Who Won’t Quit

With some time, it is highly unlikely that there will be a shortage in niche, independent living facilities. “There might be one for Jimmy Buffett fans, for example, or dog lovers, history enthusiasts, gardeners or vegetarians,” The American Association of Retired Persons (AARP) writes. Even now, aging Americans can choose to live in special housing for postal workers only instead of living in a senior home. Aside from requiring years’ experiences as a mail carrier or postal worker, residents engage in relatively normal activities like swimming, baseball, and golf.

Spend Every Night Star-Gazing

One particularly popular community helps seniors see the stars. The area has little to no light pollution, giving residents easy visibility of the stars and night sky. Some apartments come equipped with telescopes and “the community includes 15 astronomical observatories,” U.S. News continues.

Retiring has never been so exciting. Today’s retirees and future retirees will have the option of choosing niche retirement communities and peacefully spending their remaining years with like-minded neighbors. Helpful sites.

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